January Square: Night Lights in Paris

For Becky’s Square Challenge with the topic _____light, today my contribution is the Eiffel Tower’s night lights. I suggested we visit the Eiffel Tower at night because I wanted to see the spectacular sight of this famous tower lit up at night.
20190615_224415 (2) Night lights - Eiffel Tower
Here are a few more shots I took that evening.

More photos – two selfies (me & Dale, me & my son) and one of my son and my sister.

And as a double whammy of squares, here are flashing lights – the many colors of flashing miniature Eiffel Towers that vendors on the perimeter of the entrance hope will appeal to visitors enough to buy one or more. (Of course, I did – my vendor, like many others, was an immigrant from Africa and was very persuasive, throwing in several tiny Eiffels on key chains for free! Whoo hoo!) So touristy and I succumbed!!

20190615_224548d (2)

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