Jansenphoto’s Dutch Goes the Photo has a Tuesday challenge and the topic is trees.

Walking tree in Costa Rica: As this tree puts down new roots over the last layer, it actually moves – about 1 foot per year!
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Tree trunk in the Bahamas
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Orchids grow on the side of this tree in Izapa, , Mexico. Orchids are “bromeliads” – plants which grow in “the air”, i.e. on other plants.
This tree with a big hole in its trunk was in the woods along the path up to Marksburg Castle in Germany. I don’t know what caused the original injury to the tree, but animals have surely taken advantage of its shelter.
Acacia tree in Tanzania, with used & abandoned weavers’ nests hanging down.
This normal tree in our community, after dark gets spooky and full of shadows.
Picnic area. This tree is beautiful!
At a state park in Wisconsin, in autumn.
Late afternoon sunlight shimmers on South Blue Lake-Bearskin Trail
Evergreen tree branches touch, framing the glimmer of light on a northern Wisconsin lake.
Brilliant fall color in Des Plaines, IL
Jan06-snow brilliance
Snow brilliance in Des Plaines, IL



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