FOTD: Fallugia Paradoxa

I did some research to find out the name of this flowering plant that I photographed somewhere in western Colorado and found out it is fallugia paradoxa, also known as Apache plume. The description reads: Apache-plume is a slender, upright, deciduous to semi-evergreen, multi-branched shrub, 2-6 ft. tall, with grayish-white, pubescent branches. A shrub with white flowers and silvery puffs of fruit heads borne at the tips of very dense, intertangled, twiggy, slender branches. Dark green leaves (silver beneath) contrast well with the loose clusters of fragile, white, apple blossom-like flowers. Distinctive, pink, feathery plumes characterize the persistent fruit.
These rather thick shrubs appear unkempt, but in full flower their white petals are attractive against the dark foliage. Fruit clusters with feathery, purplish tails said to resemble Apache headdress. 

A close up of the flowers:
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