L-APC: Organized Chaos in Egypt

When I saw that Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88 had the theme of chaosI immediately thought of Egypt…

Egyptian roads are chaotic. Jokingly – but not really – locals will describe to you the beliefs of Egyptian drivers:  Speed limits are just suggestions. Lines on the roads are merely for decoration (really, no one pays much attention to them – drivers make a 3-lane road into a 5- or 6-lane road!). Don’t use your headlights at night because you will inconvenience drivers coming in the other direction.

Cairo is a very large, chaotic and polluted city.


This is two-way traffic! If there is a traffic jam, motorcyclists will weave in and out between the lanes of cars.



Roof level chaos

While on our Nile River cruise, we stopped in the town of Daraw to visit their animal market. Getting there took a lot longer than it should have because we were stopped by a very slow train. Tuk-tuk, auto, and foot traffic piled up behind us.
Finally, we made it to the market, where there was plenty of chaos! The market teemed with hundreds of animals and the smell was very…well, exactly what you would expect!
Perhaps it was really organized chaos – sheep and goats were in one area, camels in another, etc. Somewhere in the back where those green tents are, animals were being butchered on the spot!


8 thoughts on “L-APC: Organized Chaos in Egypt

  1. Perfectly chaotic…Great chaos shots of a chaotic traffic too! Our taxi ride through Cairo in 1981 is unforgettable – never in my life I had been through such an experience. We had to sit and hold the two rear doors, helping them not to fly off the car. Your locals’ descriptions seem absolutely correct to me…

    • In transit to the Cairo airport by taxi, I couldn’t look at the traffic, so I just looked out my window at the license plates of the cars around me, trying to figure out which numerals each Arabic symbol represented. By the time we got to the airport, I had written down all the numbers from 0 to 9!

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