CB&WPC: Tucson Fences & Gates

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is fences and gates.

I found some unique fences in Tucson, Arizona.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This fence is made of ocotillo branches, woven together. Ocotillo is a type of desert plant like a cactus. Its long, thin branches grow upward from the ground, and each one contains prickly spines!

20151215_103410 (2)

My cousin lives in a cooperative community called Milagro. The houses are pretty much the same design, and this fence & gate is in front of one of her neighbor’s.


Rudimentary fence and fancy gate in the garden of the artist deGrazia’s studio.


We walked around an interesting neighborhood in Tucson with some creative gates, like this one. The fence itself is wire, blending in with the desert plants that climb up it.


This one was more conventional, but I liked the wreath (it was just before Christmas) and the fruit-laden orange trees!


Ultra modern, less inviting. You can’t see the house, giving the feeling that the residents want to keep people out!

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