3 thoughts on “FPQ: What Will Be Our Post-COVID-19 World?

  1. Thank you for your well thought out and well articulated response to the provocative question this week. Your post was excellent. You noted that “The silver lining of the pandemic is that Donald Trump will probably not be reelected.” I hope you’re right, but despite his ineptitude and incompetence in responding to this pandemic, his job approval ratings have gone up. I just cannot fathom that.

    • Check the latest polls – the uptick was probably due to the natural tendency for people to “rally around the flag” in a crisis. His approval numbers have been going down again. But I feel your apprehension. Most people in this country are not very politically astute. If you compare what the Obama administration did when Ebola became a threat (which it never did really, because Obama took precautionary measures. which were undone by Trump because he doesn’t like Obama) with Trump – there’s no comparison. Trump’s ineptitude in this crisis is so obvious. (The federal government is “just a backup”??? Really???) I hope people are seeing it and will judge him critically.

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