Tops of Egyptian Columns

The tops of columns, called capitals, in ancient Egypt are spectacular in their variety and beauty. Sometimes, a column top could have the head of a god/goddess, such as this column depicting Hathor, at Hatshepsut’s palace, which contained a temple dedicated to this goddess. She was an important goddess, especially for women, being the goddess of fertility and motherhood. Note that her ears are shaped like a cow’s. Hathor was often depicted as a cow.
Most columns were lavishly carved and the capitals are of a few different types:

lotus bud (at Karnak, near Luxor)
20181226_152153 lotus bud
This capital is one example of a bell shape, depicting palms or possibly open lotus flowers. (Temple of Khnum, Edfu) Notice that the colors it was originally painted are still visible.
Many of the bell shapes were elaborately decorated.

The next two photos are of the open palm type, both at Temple of Khnum.
DSC_0231 palm
The Temple of Khnum, where I took most of these photos, have a beautiful variety of capital types.
Posted for Becky’s April Squares with the topic of tops.


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