Square Tops: My Closet

Welcome to my closet! All of our closets are overflowing with clothes. We culled a lot before moving, but even so, there just are too many clothes for the space – of course, we also buy new clothes…

For Becky’s April Squares challenge with the theme of top, I am posting photos of most of my tops!

20200423_175630 (2)

These are my dressy tops and summer tops.

I have an upper and lower hanging space, which is great for tops, but I have too little space for my long clothes – pants, dresses, and such.


These are the tops I’ve been wearing this winter.

New tops!


We live in a senior community and people dress up a little for dinner in the dining room. I didn’t have many nice tops and the ones I had were all striped! How unimaginative! So I ordered 6 new tops from an online catalog, but when they came, in early March, I never had a chance to wear most of them!

So they sit waiting in my closet, for when this quarantine is over and we start going to the dining room to eat again!  (Currently, and at least until the end of May, the kitchen staff delivers the dinners to our door.)

While I was in the closet taking these photos, I noticed someone else in the closet too! 😀

20200423_175654 (2)

I must have surprised her, by the look on her face and her fur sticking up – she had “bed hair!”




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