Hunt For Joy Challenge: Gardening

Cee’s challenge On The Hunt for Joy this week has the topic of gardening.

I have reserved a plot in the community garden, but have not started planting. In this area of the U.S., the recommendation is to plant annuals no sooner than Mother’s Day. I plan to plant tomatoes, peppers, and possibly another vegetable. I also want to plant some flowers.

Last fall, at our new house, I planted daffodil bulbs and iris bulbs. I planted daffodils in four different spots. Naturally the ones that bloomed first were on the east side of the house.
Later, the daffodils I planted in a pot on the patio behind the house began to bloom. Actually, although there are two plants, only one of them bloomed and is currently in bloom. The irises are just starting to grow.
Inside our house, I have two plants on the kitchen window sill – orchids and a perennial geranium. The orchids have been blooming for several months.
I admit, I miss my garden at our old house! Here I am last May, working in that garden.

The first flowers that came up every year were snowdrops.
I also had tulips, strawberry plants, blazing stars, scallions, and other flowers, some of which can be seen in the garden picture above. One of them was bleeding hearts.
This post is also for Cee’s FOTD 4/30/20.

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