5 thoughts on “FPQ #68: To Open or Not to Open? That Is the Question

  1. Thank you for your excellent post. You have obviously given this topic a lot of thought, and it’s a topic well deserving of such thought. I essentially concur with much of what you said, including abandoning the five-second rule! Unfortunately, I think, assuming there is no giant second wave, that the lessons we should have learned from this will soon be forgotten and most people will eventually revert to their pre-virus behaviors and values. I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, a great post!

  2. I am sad that I won’t get to see my only child receive her high school diploma to pomp and circumstance while I shed happy tears at her milestone achievement. She is sad that she won’t see most of her teachers and classmates again. I am sad that my travel plans for May and July have been canceled and my Alaskan cruise next year is in jeopardy because of the cruise line’s financial woes. I miss seeing my parents and my sister, in-laws, etc. …some of them can’t figure out video chat no matter how hard we try. I am sad that some of my family may not survive this disease and will die alone.
    But most of all, I am angry at this irresponsible administration for prolonging and elevating this crisis. I am even more angry that his deluded followers still support him, make excuses for his reckless behavior. I hope we will get rid of this trash in November, but I am worried…

    • I’m so sorry about not seeing your daughter’s graduation and about not being able to take your trip! I wonder if it would be feasible to set up something to do a “virtual” graduation ceremony? We have a cruise planned for the end of this year. I have been thinking they’ll’ cancel it if there is a resurgence, but it didn’t occur to me that it could be a no go due to financial woes at the cruise line! We’ve been getting emails from them already, talking about vouchers for cancelled cruises, but they do not say our cruise will be cancelled. I’ve been thinking of planning a last-minute trip for August – things should have died down by then and I would pick a place where we’d see mostly nature or animals. I am also worried about the election, because all Trump can do to win now is to trash Biden. The Russians would help him…it worked in 2016!!

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