5 Things Tuesday: Make Me Smile

Years ago, there used to be a weekly feature called “5 Things.” I don’t remember who hosted it but I really got into it. Every week the blogger would write about five things pertaining to a certain topic. I think it is great that Dr. Tanya is resurrecting it! And what fun for us all to share our five things every week!

A happy topic to start:5 Things That Make Me Smile!

  1.  Kittens – really cats of all ages. I have a whole separate blog about cats, but I don’t add to it much. I mostly post my cat pictures/stories here!

Kittens and cats

2.  Flowers – I love to discover them, photograph them and admire them!


Daffodils are special because they are the heralds of the beginning of spring.

3.  Ice cream or anything chocolate


Oh, how I’d love to have one of these right now!

4.   Baby animals – It’s so fun to walk around the campus of our community right now, because we get to see baby ducks, baby geese, and very soon baby swans!
5.  Just the right music for my mood – from Beatles to Mahler

Dr. Tanya’s challenge and her answers remind me of a song, which is appropriate to end this post:

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