Sue W. and GC have a mid-month challenge from a series called What Is It?

Here is what it is about:

We would like you to publish part of a photograph that will leave your readers speculating about what it is. Alternatively, why not share a piece of writing but leave us guessing about what the object/subject is, simply give us clues.

As usual, please stretch the challenge to suit you. Words or Pictures, No rules and No deadlines – Enjoy!
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I have a set of photos in my archives that I call “mystery photos” because I like to leave people trying to figure out what it is!Β  Here is one of them.
banana peel

13 thoughts on “Weekend Challenge: What Is It?

  1. Crikey, This is a difficult one! At first, I thought it might be a bad skin rash or the dreaded plague. Then I changed my mind and went for gone off fruit something like a peach!
    Thank you so much for once more taking part in our challenge. πŸ™‚

      1. I prefer my bananas to still have some green on the peel. If they’re super-ripe, though, I use them to make delicious banana bread. Yum!

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