5 thoughts on “FPQ #70: The 39% of Americans

  1. Well here we are.
    He might be (sort of) elected again for another term. If he isn’t it will bug him endlessly, and his family too, those hanger ons.
    Kind Joe. A good guy, but he really doesn’t where he is anymore.
    These are the best choices for America? Why?

    • I know! But we may get a younger, female VP. Elizabeth Warren was my choice, but she never had a chance. Biden had the African-American vote, and once a state with a lot of black voters (SC) had their primary, he basically sewed up the nomination. Because after SC, the hangers-on got out of the race and endorsed Biden. Then the pandemic started and Bernie realized that to fight all the way to the convention just didn’t make sense anymore. Anyway, I will be the most ardent Biden supporter if it means getting the Bozo out of the White House!

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