Sunday Writing Prompt: What Nonsense!

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie has a Sunday Writing Prompt, which today is “Uncontrollable Nonsense.”

Oscar Wilde

Menagerie suggests:

Some potential options

Write a poem or story using a lot of metaphor that sounds like nonsense but has a much deeper meaning.
Write something that is actual nonsense, means nothing.
Write about the day to day nonsense you have to put up with from other people.
Write about an argument or confrontation you had that degenerated into nonsense.
Write about a person who is full of nonsense and drives you crazy.
Write about a romantic situation that completely turned your life upside down and made you feel as if you had lost your mind.

While all of these options are great ones (which I may pursue later), I have always wanted to follow my phone’s suggested words when I am writing a text. I started a series of texts by writing a word, then let the word suggestions (which I picked at random) lead me where they would. Here’s what I came up with:

Where’s your father now, huh man? You know what to expect to spend Friday night at home. Forget about your accident and your future will be a replica of a Nubian.

What about your brother-in-law that was the last one to come over to our church? Why do we need a ride to a hospital where you are going to have a baby?  I thought you could get me involved with this guy and you have to do something else that would get us together for a while.

I’m going to take you out to the airport by the time we come here for the next day or so. Please confirm that the FBI director has been in contact with Europeans and other animals. What would happen if the weather was too bad for me and my pretty face? Always be careful about how many people are definitely candidates for president and then you will need to get to see the gargoyles.


The words in boldface type are the ones I used to get the sentences started. There of course was some choice on my part as to where I let it go, but I always chose from three suggested words and tried to pick words that were first, second, or third at random or which I thought sounded the most bizarre or ridiculous.

The interesting thing about this is that the phone has some of these words (especially the more unusual ones like candidates, Nubian and gargoyles) already in its memory because I have used them in the past, whether in a text, on a Facebook post, etc. Although I don’t use these words in my everyday vocabulary, I’m sure I have used them in Facebook posts during my travels or when I comment about politics. It was quite funny what the suggestions were!

(BTW, I didn’t actually send this text to anyone, but if I had, it would have gone to my husband who already knows I’m crazy!)

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