July Square Perspective: A Swan Story

Becky is back with her July photo challenge! This month the theme is perspective. Becky reviews the definitions of perspective to help get started:

  • Art – the method by which solid objects drawn or painted on a flat surface are given the appearance of depth and distance.
  • Geometry – the way that objects appear smaller when they are further away and the way parallel lines appear to meet each other at a point in the distance.
  • Point of View – a particular way of considering (looking at) something or the capacity to view things in their relative importance
  • Vista – seeing something over distance or time

Here’s my entry for Day 1:

From the gazebo, we watched as Sidney (male swan) from West Lake decided to take a walk we knew not where. Within a short time, his mate (Celina) decided she should join him and walked as fast as she could to catch up with him. They had lost their eggs on the week they were due to hatch in a big storm, so now they are just a couple with time on their hands (or should I say their wings?).

We expected them to come back, but they didn’t. On their walk they discovered East Lake, occupied by another cygnet-less pair of swans, and liked it. So, being a little older and a little bigger – and definitely more aggressive! – they chased the East Lake swans out and took over! For two or three days, the East Lake swans sat on the bank (I guess they don’t know there is another lake), because if they went back into the water, Sidney would attack them!

East Lake swans, Hope and Faith, sit on the bank next to their lake.
Sure enough, Sidney and Celina took up residence on East Lake.

The situation was not resolved until a few days later. Hope and Faith, still unable to go back into their own lake, were gaining the pity of many residents. Someone complained to the grounds crew that it wasn’t fair for the West Lake swans to take up residence in East Lake and chase the other swans away, and with human intervention, Sidney and Celina were coaxed back to West Lake, where they belong!

Sidney & Celina feed and preen on the shore of West Lake, ignoring the ducks, who go wherever they want to.

3 thoughts on “July Square Perspective: A Swan Story

  1. I realise Sidney’s perspective will be quite different specially after Celina’s loss, but I’m delighted that humans intervened on behalf of Hope and Faith!!

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