One thought on “SYW: On Dancing, Sleeping, Snapping Fingers, & Ziplining

  1. 😮 at that zip-lining story! Oh my goodness!!! Thanks so much for Sharing Your World! Your snapping idea is excellent, give some ground rules for what might change! I like the idea of the ‘instant healing’ by device, but a problem arises (in my mind because I think about this a lot), would that cause over population because few people would become ill and die? Or would they just be healthy until their proper age and die? Interesting! I always wanted to zip line, but by the time they’d developed it, I was too old and not near strong enough, plus they don’t let people with artificial knees or hips do it, I don’t think. Something about that impact might dislodge something. So I watch and envy those who do. But I’ll envy them a bit less now that I’ve read your story. I’d as soon not have a huge gash down my shin from someone not doing their proper job! You were brave!

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