10 thoughts on “5 Things: Post-Pandemic Predictions

    • True – I was just listening to Rachel Maddow’s interview with Mary Trump, who just came out with a book about her uncle specifically and the Trump family in general. She said that in order for Trump to concede the election without making a fuss or refusing to leave office, he will have to lose by a large margin. That is the only way he will admit defeat. And considering how many Republicans are enabling Trump to keep him in power, it is a big worry that they will try to make it difficult for people to vote. We will have to have vote by mail in order for people to not have to choose between voting and their health!

      • His niece thinks that the defeat has to be resounding, because defeat by a small margin, he will have room to argue that the election was rigged in some way. He won’t accept defeat if he can help it.

    • It’s something I heard Bernie Sanders mention last night – he said that in talks with Biden, Biden had come around on the idea of lowering the age of Medicare to 60. It’s just a proposal at the moment.

  1. I think your right that the rest of the world will have trouble re-engaging with the US. It elected a maniac in 2016 so what’s to stop it doing so again in 2024? In that respect, the damage Trump has done is semi=permanent.

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