CPP: Surrealism

I have a photo software on my cellphone called SnapSeed and in June, I produced these cool images of flowers using some of the features on the software, but now I cannot remember how I did them and have not been able to produce any more! At least, these psychedelic ones (the first 2), the third is using “grunge” and the last one is using a distortion feature. Anyway, these images fit the Cosmic Photo Prompt: Surrealism.

Here is one of my “mystery” photos, which are super close-ups to the point that one can’t really tell what it is.
Closest (macro):

Zoom out:

Finally, the original in which you can tell what it is:

Last, here’s a photo of a super magnified close-up of a mop entangled with maple seeds. First I used a black & white filter, then applied “Zeke” on Photo Gallery (software that came with my PC).

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