Bird Weekly: Yellow & Orange-Legged Birds

Lisa Coleman at Our Eyes Open has a photo challenge, Bird Weekly. This week’s topic is “birds with orange or yellow legs.”

Around here are lots of mallard ducks.

I couldn’t resist posting this one – the ducklings are so cute!

Sea gulls have yellow legs (and yellow beaks too!) like this one at Mont St.-Michel, France.

Tanzania is rich in bird species.

Stork – his legs look pinkish, perhaps light orange?
Kory bustard – again, hard to tell if they are pink or orange.
Weaver – very yellow!
I think this Egyptian heron has orangish legs – unlike the species we have here.
OK, this egret’s legs are black, but he’s got yellow FEET!! Very cool!

3 thoughts on “Bird Weekly: Yellow & Orange-Legged Birds

  1. I love your selection of birds this week. The weaver is quite something. I’m going to look that one up and learn about it. We don’t have a bird like that in Florida. Thanks for sharing them with us. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

      • Sounds like our Carolina Wrens. The male creates the nest and if the female doesn’t approve, she will pull it out and throw it to the ground. Their next is a spiral in a cavity of some sort like a hanging plant or in between two branches with plenty of cover. πŸ™‚

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