4 thoughts on “RDP/FOWC: How We Teach & Learn History All Wrong in America

  1. John Oliver’s show is must see TV. I was fortunate that my history teachers, while they mentioned “states rights,” made it very clear that the Civil War was fought over slavery. That said, I was never taught that George Washington owned slaves.

  2. I also found Mr. Oliver’s program really educational. We don’t give kids nearly enough credit for being able to understand that people are all a complicated mix of good and bad. they get it. I think it’s actually adults that have the problems.

  3. Excellent article – you are not alone though . . . we have the same problem here.

    The number of times recently I have seen written – if it wasn’t for Britain slavery would not have been stopped and another favourite out there is that the British Empire was good because it took trains and democracy around the world! I just despair, we’ve got such a long way to go . . . . . . . .

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