Throwback Thursday: Obsolete

Maggie at From Cave Walls hosts Throwback Thursday question challenge. She writes:
Yesterday I read an article about things that are facing obsolescence due to the pandemic. I starting jotting down things that have been and gone out of frequent use in my adult life even though some may actually still exist. I know the list could be much larger, but this was just a few minutes of brainstorming.

It made me curious about things I still have lying around this house or things I know to still exist from this list. There are three or four things on the list I still have lying around.

So I ask you:

  • What could you add to the list?
    “White-out” (typewriter correction fluid), garters (to hold up nylons), girdles, Blackberry phones, VCRs, cassette tape players
  • What ‘obsolete’ things do you still own?
    There are a couple of skeleton keys in a dining room chest that used to belong to my parents. The cupboards don’t have handles and can only be opened with skeleton keys!
    White out corrector fluid – it’s probably dried up by now, but I figure it’s still useful in case I need to blank out a stray pen mark or something I’ve written longhand.
    Hole reinforcements are not obsolete! I use them for documents that have holes that get ripped – I have several binders with financial documents, etc.
    Ice trays – some freezers do not make ice!
  • Why do you keep them?
    See above.
  • Has anything become obsolete for you because of the pandemic?
    *Airplane travel
    *Travel itself (except locally)
    *Full workouts at a fitness center
    *Hugs and kisses (except with my husband!)
    *Theatre plays – we have ushered at many plays in the Chicago area, which allowed us us to see plays free! Of course, this is not happening right now.
    *Concerts in large venues – no Ravinia this year!
    *Singing in a choir (there are virtual choirs but I don’t sing in one!)
    *Weddings with receptions and lots of guests
    *Spontaneous meet-ups with friends (outings or meetings are now planned – either on Zoom or with advance careful planning and distancing)
    *Mall shopping
    *Outdoor barbecues
    *Visiting relatives
    I hope these things will become un-obsolete when the pandemic is over!
  • I’m making up this additional question: What is ubiquitous during the pandemic that you wish were obsolete?
    Donald J. Trump’s lies (Donald J. Trump, period!)

Styrofoam containers

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