Last Photo: September

This is Bushboys World‘s monthly challenge, Last Photo: September to post the last photo of the month on your camera or cellphone (or both!). This is a fun and easy challenge to participate in. Don’t forget to click on the link to see others’ contributions!

I did a bit of editing to this photo of a katydid. It’s a rare insect to spot – at least for me. But I feel an affinity for this katydid, since we share a name! šŸ™‚

I have now added this photo, because I downloaded the photos on my memory card for my Sony camera today. This is the last photo I took with my camera in September at a kitschy Egyptian-ripoff place in Wadsworth, IL (near Gurnee). At this place, they supposedly sell a special bottled water called “Gold Pyramid Natural Mineral Water” but the place was closed and the gold pyramid (which is a house) is no longer gold because they had a fire. So we took pictures at the entrance and through the gate.

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