Kinda Square #3: Two Kinda Weird Guys!

Grandpa & grandson: kinda weird or two of a kind? You decide!

And because I had to cut off their lovely legs & feet to make the above photo square, I kind of thought I should post the entire photo too! (Notice their socks!!)

Grandpa’s socks have beer steins; grandson’s socks have flamingoes – he bought them to match the suit!

Posted for Becky’s October Kinda Squares #3.

7 thoughts on “Kinda Square #3: Two Kinda Weird Guys!

    • Being family members, yes I do – especially the grandson. He is my grand-nephew and my husband and I bought this suit for him two years ago when we found it on sale for $20. He has been known at school as the kid who could wear anything and it would become fashionable, as he said, because he is so “cool!”

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