Bird Weekly: Black-Feathered Birds

Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly Challenge this week is birds with black feathers.

Canada goose (Illinois, USA)
Red-winged blackbird (Illinois, USA)
May also be a red-winged blackbird (Masada, Israel)
Blacksmith plover (Ngorongoro, Tanzania)
Ibis (Arusha NP, Tanzania)
(I’ve forgotten the name of this bird – Tanzania)
Ostriches (Serengeti, Tanzania)
Stork (Serengeti, Tanzania)
Kory bustard (Tarangire NP, Tanzania)

9 thoughts on “Bird Weekly: Black-Feathered Birds

  1. Awesome gallery of photos! I had to look up your forgotten bird. Southern Ground Hornbill??? Thanks for the hint as to where you took it. I love the Blacksmith Plover! So regal in black & white! 🙂

    • I think you are right about the ground hornbill. I had identified all the birds I took photos of but didn’t keep a record of it somewhere, so now I have to start over! I found a website of Tanzanian birds but there are so many that the only hope is to know the bird’s basic category (e.g. hornbill, ibis).

      • I’m always looking up birds. Until I created this challenge, I was getting to know the birds in the US only. Now I’m getting familiar with world birds thanks to all you awesome bird nerds like me. 😎

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