SYW: Breakfast, Admiration, and Wanderlust

It’s time for Melanie’s Share Your World!

SYW Artic Ice

Here are the questions for this week:

Which meal is your favorite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
It depends on what’s on the menu! But overall, I guess I would say breakfast. I don’t understand how people can get up and go to work without having breakfast, as I have heard from several people. This is why they call it breakfast – we are breaking the fast (not eating since the evening before). Without breakfast, I feel weak, tired, cold.

I like breakfast because I love eggs, prepared any style, and I also enjoy pancakes, waffles, blintzes, and crepes. If I’m alone, I might hard boil an egg and eat it warm with a piece of toast. Or I’ll have cereal with fruit, and I mix it with yogurt instead of milk. In general, breakfast is easy to prepare, so there is minimal cooking involved and it’s fast (another reason to call it breakfast! 😉 )

Our last breakfast in Israel – Tel Aviv

Who do you admire most in the world?
People who can do things that I cannot do, and do them well. For example, doctors and nurses: it takes so many skills together to work in medicine. Also, good leaders – it’s hard to find a REALLY good leader in the world right now! I have always admired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I always tear up when I hear his speeches.

With the obvious restrictions in place, what do you regret not doing in the last year?
Traveling – I wish we’d booked a trip for January or February, so we would have gotten to travel at least once in 2020! Now I have to wait until 2022 to go overseas – at least, that is how it stands now.


Feel free to share something you’re grateful for.  
I’m grateful that the election will be over this week. IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE IT ALREADY, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE!!

Pitt Experts on What to Expect on Election Day | Pittwire | University of  Pittsburgh

4 thoughts on “SYW: Breakfast, Admiration, and Wanderlust

  1. I love my breakfast .. don’t think I have any regrets, as there’s nothing that can be done about them.. maybe if you had travelled in Jan or Feb you might have got stuck or even got sick ..just saying 😉 here’s to next year 🥂

  2. Thanks Katy for Sharing Your World! I liked your point about how important breakFAST is. Too many tend to forget that and by-pass it. I hope your upcoming trip comes off without the problems we’re seeing in the world right now, it’s a good goal to focus on! My vote was done and dusted about two weeks ago (early voting privilege because I’m old and decrepit LOL) and I’m with you…thank goodness it’s (almost) over. Have a super week!

  3. I almost crawled through the monitor to get at that breakfast! Then I read it was in Tel Aviv. Before seeing that I would have sworn it was a Tex-Mex thing. Those eggs are just the right bit of runny. Yup, now I’m hungry.

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