L-APC: The Alphabet

The Alphabet starts with “A” and that is the subject of Lens-Artists’ photo challenge this week, starting appropriately with the amazing letter A!

I have a file of letter-shaped things. I got the idea for it when I saw this cute little ladder in our neighborhood and immediately thought of the letter A!

abelia grandiflora

My brother-in-law sings in a barbershop chorus called The Arlingtones. It is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Arlingtones holiday show 2019

In Cairo we visited the Museum of Islamic Art. Arabic writing is an art form in itself!

Arabic writing from the Ottoman Empire

In the spring, swans mate and lay their eggs. In early April, the female has laid 2 eggs and by the end of April, she has laid all her eggs!

Art (painting by Monet)
Arches National Park, Utah
ancient architecture (Karnak, Luxor, Egypt)

5 thoughts on “L-APC: The Alphabet

  1. Hi, Katy. (Do I have your name right?). A great, varied collection of A’s. The ladder is very clever. i love your images of Karnak and Austria. Lovely. I see you taught ESL. So did I!

    • Hi Patti, yes you spelled my name correctly! I taught ESL as well as bilingual at elementary level. I thought the ladder was very cute, and it was the inspiration to take photos of things that look like various letters! Is Lens-Artists going to do the whole alphabet?

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