SYW: Holiday Cookies, Drinks, and Magic


Melanie has a new set of holiday-related questions for her weekly Share Your World.

  • What is your favorite type of cookie (they’re called biscuits in Europe I believe)?
    If you mean Christmas cookies, it would be a tie between the sugar cookies in different shapes with frosting and a brownie with peppermint candy frosting (not technically a cookie, but my niece makes these every year as part of her gift of cookies).

    Outside of holiday season, it’s homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven!
    I don’t bake cookies in general, so we buy Tates – their chocolate chip cookie is thin and crispy.
We buy boxes of Tates like this at Costco. At other places, they come in smaller bags, but there are more varieties.
  • If you could choose one age and remain that forever, what would it be and why?
    65 – young enough to still have the energy and drive to travel and explore new things, and also be eligible for retirement and Medicare.
  • Do you have a traditional drink during the holiday season?
    Not this year, because we are not gathering as usual with our family, but normally it is Jolly Jolt. Jolly Jolt is basically warm apple cider with cinnamon cloves. My sister prepares it in a large coffee pot and everyone helps themselves! This year, I suspect it will be Cooper’s Hawk’s Winter Red wine, which we have a bottle of in our garage – also best heated.
    NV Cooper's Hawk Winter Red, USA, Illinois - CellarTracker
  • Are you able to still believe in holiday magic as you did when you were a child?
    No, not really. Warmth, maybe, magic, no. When I was a kid, holidays like Christmas were always extremely exciting. We kids got to do the fun stuff, like picking out and decorating the tree, helping put up the creche, and singing Christmas carols. As an adult, there’s the work side of it – things don’t magically happen! I do very little decorating, except to put up my collection of creches and hang a Santa Claus on the door. Usually I have a Christmas tree but haven’t had one for the last three years. I do more decorating if we’re having guests.

    The most magical and exciting moments during my childhood were early Christmas mornings. My dad put up a portable screen so we couldn’t see into the living room until my parents got up. So we kids would climb partway up the stairway to peek over the screen to find our stockings and all the presents my parents had added during the night. This is what I think about when I’m asked about holiday magic!

    Now I look forward to simple gatherings of families and friends, noshing, drinking Jolly Jolt and playing games. It gives me warm feeling, but not the magic of childhood.

Gratitude section: I’m grateful to be alive and reasonably healthy! And I’m grateful that 2020 is almost over!

2 thoughts on “SYW: Holiday Cookies, Drinks, and Magic

  1. Thank you Katy for Sharing Your World! You have some lovely memories and I’m sure they help warm the coldest of days! You put your finger right on the type of ‘magic” I was talking of, that special tingle that perhaps only a child can have, at the joy of Christmas morning. This year I was fortunate to find that as an adult (living alone, no children) there is another, equally powerful type of ‘magic’ at this time of year. I don’t know that I’ll find it every year, but I’m glad to discover it for this year anyway. That jolly jolt sounds delicious, I love warm cider drinks more than I love egg nog and I don’t drink, so no getting a bit tipsy over wine or brandy. I’m glad you have some fun with that aspect of the season, and the cookies (O my!) Brightly decorated sugar cookies are a delight, but chocolate chip wins the challenge so far! Have a very Merry Christmas!

    • I actually felt the spirit of Christmas and a tinge of longing last night watching my church’s Christmas Eve service. It was a montage of lots of people’s contributions – singing, playing instruments, doing a skit, just sending holiday greetings, or showing a miniature winter village that one couple has collected over the years. Our choir actually got together two songs, thanks to music software called Upbeat, that while done virtually, sounded GREAT! We sounded like an actual choir again! Eggnog is generally too rich for me, but today we are being treated to eggnog ice cream with truffles! Doesn’t that sound amazing?!!!

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