CFFC & Square Up: Stacked or Piled Up

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the topic Stacked or Piled Up, so it can also be used for Becky’s Square Up January challenge!

6 thoughts on “CFFC & Square Up: Stacked or Piled Up

    • I don’t know, but it has some significance that I have forgotten. The first time I saw stones piled up like that was on the trail to the Sun Gate above Machu Picchu in Peru. That is where I learned its significance. I saw piled rocks once or twice after that, but this collection, at Abu Simbel in Egypt, really caught my attention. In fact, I had to cut out a whole other section of them to make the photo square! I wonder if it’s just a challenge to see how many stones can be piled on top of each other. Tourists come along and perhaps accept the challenge to try. I just took a picture!

    • Lisa, that is a stack of crates made by the last crate maker in Upper Egypt. The man gave us a demonstration of how he makes them, and invited some people in our tour to try it out. He makes 200,000 crates a year, all by hand (he does have assistants). The crates are used for mangoes, and are then shipped to Cairo. The pile of stalks you see in the foreground is the raw material for the crates – they are date palm stalks, which are both pliable and strong.

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