CFFC: Homophones & Homographs

English is such a crazy language! I’m glad I don’t have to learn it as a foreigner! We have many words with more than one pronunciation (homographs), and many words that sound alike but are spelled differently (homophones). Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week plays on the theme of red: a pair of homophones RED – READ; a pair of homographs READ (present tense) and READ (past tense); and another homophone pairing: READ and REED. So here are my REDS, READS and REEDS.

RED: (adjective) a bright primary color

Partial view of a park from a large sculpture with a red hole in the middle
An inviting little table at an Airbnb apartment near Paris
Our neighbor showed off his new toy: a snazzy, shiny, red sporty car!
An intelligent take off of MAGA (and red like MAGA hats!). I saw this sticker sign in Chicago.

READ: (verb) past tense of read: I read an entire book yesterday. But I have not read any of the books in the two photos below, which are written in other languages.

I wonder who has read these sacred Islamic books?
I wonder how many ancient Egyptians read The Book of the Dead in hieroglyphics?

READ: (verb) present tense. I like to read every day.

What book do I read in this photo? I don’t remember!
Sometimes I read magazines.
No one can read this book (except the pages I’m sitting on!) – it is a stone monument to the Russian author Pushkin, in St. Petersburg.

REED: (noun) any of several species of large aquatic grasses, such as those pictured below.

8 thoughts on “CFFC: Homophones & Homographs

    • Do you remember I Love Lucy? There’s a scene where Desi is trying to read a book in English but has trouble with the word through. Lucy corrects him, so he uses that same sound when he gets to ‘though’, saying ‘thew’! It goes on with several different examples of words ending in ough. So funny!

      • I love the I Love Lucy show! I am trying to remember the episode you are describing because it sounds hilarious. I’ll have to look it up.

    • St. Petersburg is very interesting – a different flavor from other European cities we visited. I have my eye on a Viking cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow! I think it would be fascinating! If you do go to Russia, go with a tour group, not independently. The Hermitage is so vast you can never see all of it. We only got to see some of the highlights, but there’s so much more there!

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