Becky’s chosen a cheery topic for her April Squares challenge: anything bright, however you interpret it!

Earlier today, we took a walk and I noticed my neighbor, Gail, had been out for a spin in her red Mustang – her “lady toy” – because it was sitting in the driveway.

My own car is in our driveway (we only have a one-car garage), and today, looking at the sun reflected on the hood, I saw not one, but TWO suns! How did that happen?!

On a sadder note, our fitness director quit, and her last day was Tuesday. Several residents from our community lined the street in front of the gatehouse to say good-bye. Although she was crying (her mood wasn’t bright and sunny), her car certainly is – mustard yellow?

5 thoughts on “Square & Bright: Cars So Bright

    1. She didn’t say, but everyone I talked to speculated that it was because they never replaced the other fitness person (who left last April to move to Wisconsin) and consequently, she had a lot of work piled on her. I think she was led to believe that once the pandemic eased, they would hire a second fitness instructor. But that’s the employers’ mindset: save money no matter how much extra work it causes others! She was very sad to leave; she could hardly talk about it without crying!

      1. oh bless her, that is so sad when you have to leave because of the situation. Sounds like a case for constructive dismissal for her to explore

      2. We don’t have anything like “constructive dismissal” here in the States. Our laws mostly favor employers and corporations. Workers really have few guaranteed benefits.

      3. oh that’s not so good.

        Do hope she found something positive to move onto. At least you were there to wave her goodbye, so she’ll know how much she is missed

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