It is almost time to start planting my garden this year. My perennials are showing new growth and my irises should bloom within the next few weeks. Daffodils still abound. I love flowers but I also like to plant vegetables, because there is no tomato so good as one that is homegrown!

Last year, I had an abundance of cherry tomatoes (I bought too many tomato plants – I’ll have to cut back this year!) and also a couple of pepper plants, which were nearly buried by the tomato plants growing out of control! Even so, I did manage to get a few green peppers. For Becky’s Bright Squares, today I am posting a photo of my first harvest last year – the first tomatoes and the first peppers! They were so bright and cheery, and made me happy as I looked forward to warmer days and more home-grown vegetables!

6 thoughts on “April BrightSquares: Gardening

  1. I am hoping for a bumper crop this year as last year my tomatoes were not happy with the compost i had bought. This year I managed to get my usual compost so really hoping I will be inundated with veg!

  2. I always go overboard with the tomatoes. It’s so easy to do. I like to grow cherry tomatoes in large pots. Peppers are also a pleasure, especially bell peppers. 😺

      1. Yes, but they need a lot of sunshine as well. Our yard has a lot of tree cover, so the tomatoes rarely prosper. It’s an issue that I am slowly addressing. 😺

      2. I’m afraid so. We have some very tall trees near the house. If they lose a branch, it’s a disaster. It’s happened more than once already. God forbid a tree fall down. The last time that happened, the cost was ruinous.

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