Bird Weekly: Perched

Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly photo challenge this week has the topic of birds perched up.

Crows on a roof, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Woodpecker, probably female (Arlington Heights, IL)
What are these birds looking at?? (Masada, Israel)
This superb starling gave me a penetrating look! (Serengeti, Tanzania)
These guys were so well camouflaged, I almost didn’t see them! (Serengeti, Tanzania)
Storks hang out in an acacia tree at sunset. (Serengeti, Tanzania)
I’m sure I’ve posted these lovebirds before, but they’re so cute! (Ndutu, Tanzania)
Hornbill in Arusha National Park, Tanzania
Black & white ibis in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

8 thoughts on “Bird Weekly: Perched

  1. What an awesome collection of birds! I hadn’t seen your lovebirds so thank you for sharing on Bird Weekly. You captured some odd looks from perching birds. The Superb Starling’s look was priceless! Looked right at you like, “what are you doing, lady?” I, too wonder what those birds were looking at in Israel. Any idea what kind of birds those camouflage birds are?

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