5 thoughts on “SYW: On Laws vs Justice, Insurrections, & Artwork

  1. Thanks, Katy for Sharing Your World! That drawing is AMAZING!! The perspective, the use of negative space and black and white colors…Lordie! I’d buy it and I don’t even have cats. Great job!! I hear much about the color discrimination problem, and I’m sympathetic, but I can’t know from an ethnic person’s point of view what that means. I read recently (within the last six months at least) that Caucasian folks are dwindling in numbers, and black or Hispanic are definitely on the rise. Maybe the shoe will be on the other foot soon? Discrimination and that sort of thinking is just wrong whoever is doing it. There’s some fine lines in my opinion. Here in Utah there hasn’t been (in the past) a huge ethnic population. I guess the Mormon reputation as a ‘cult’ and ‘weirdos’ kept everyone out for a long time. Great answers and thank you again for participating!

    • I’m reading an interesting book right now called “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It is in the form of a letter written to his adolescent son. I have gained many insights reading this book, and what the black experience is from the point of view of a black person. It’s not long (150 pages) and I highly recommend it!

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