Friendly Friday: Purple Haze

The Friendly Friday challenge is a bi-weekly all-inclusive challenge, meaning it includes photos, prose, poetry, or anything else related to the theme, which currently is PURPLE. My first entry is purple in music videos. Mostly in the genre of rock or pop, I have also included a children’s song and a video by Asian band (?) Ponzona called Purple Kiss. My favorite is Purple Haze, but that’s because it brings back memories of youth! It’s a rather eclectic selection, so I hope you enjoy it!

For more information about the Friendly Friday challenge, click here. The great thing about Friendly Friday is you can participate in each topic as many times as you feel inspired to!

2 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Purple Haze

  1. Welcome to Friendly Friday! I was waiting for someone to come up with purple music but you far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the fine selection 🙂

  2. I see Sandy got here first – I was going to mention that she and I were wondering if anyone else would pick up on a music theme. I stuck to Purple Haze because I had photos and content to suit, although I did consider if I could weave Purple Rain in too because I love that song. But you’ve gone even further, with some songs I’ve never even heard of!

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