6 thoughts on “SYW: On Parking, Afternoons, Avocados, Generations, & Art Inspiration

  1. Thanks, Katy, for Sharing Your World! 🙂 You’ve shared that beautiful chalk drawing of the cat before and it’s still amazing to me! What a gift and what a wonderful thing to have – an artistic group where one can work on projects and get a little bit of socialization with like minded people as well. Pure bliss. I liked your very detailed answer to the sensitive question. I’ve gotten a variety of responses to that question, depending on the perception of what it means to a particular individual. I agree that people are more quick to take offense than ever before (in my opinion). I’m a baby boomer too, and I have a lot of trouble relating to anyone under the age of maybe 35 at best. But the real terror for me is that which underlies all those nasty things you listed that people now feel entitled to do. Mass stupidity. Did tRump put something in the water system to cause the maximum amount of folks to get real dumb, real fast? Talk about a conspiracy theory! I don’t know much admittedly, but I do think the world is changing for the worse. I hope your week is fabulous and that you have a great day! 😀

    • Thank you for your comments! tRump didn’t have to spike the water – there are enough ignorant people who believe in fantasies in the U.S. already! Hopefully, we are now on a different, better, course and that our leaders will be far-sighted enough to preserve our planet even if they don’t live to see it.

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