SYW: On Soulmates, Aromas, Being Older, and Sharing

Although it is a holiday in the U.S. today, that didn’t stop Melanie from putting out her weekly questions for Share Your World!


Do you believe in soul-mates?  (my definition of ‘soul mate’ is the IDEAL partner romantically).
I agree with Melanie that a “soulmate” is the ideal partner, whether you ever meet that person or not. I know some couples who say they are “soulmates” – often those who have waited a long time and had other partners. I love my husband, but I do not consider him my “soulmate.” He is not my “ideal” romantic partner, but perhaps I was not destined to find whoever that might have been. I’m OK with that. However, he supports me in so many ways, including putting up with my ADHD-related defects, and says I do the same for him, so I did marry someone who I could spend the rest of my life with.

What are three scents you like?
Brewing coffee (although I can no longer drink it), chocolate, and the smell of grass & dirt after it rains.

What are some things that you might be considered too old to do, but that you enjoy?
There are 2 ways of approaching this question: either people in general think I am too old to do it, but I do it anyway; or things I used to enjoy doing but no can longer do. If the former, I would say it is the type of clothes I wear. If the latter, being able to drink coffee with no adverse effects. Also, being able to do regular yoga and long-distance walking or hiking. I can no longer hike on paths that have a lot of boulders or stairs, but I still walk as much as possible. I consider it better than bike riding, because I can enjoy the small things in nature that I wouldn’t be able to notice while riding a bike. Also, my balance isn’t so good anymore, which explains my inability to do a lot of yoga postures that are on the ground, or “flow” up and down. I used to be very flexible. Maybe I am still considered flexible for my age, I don’t know. Whatever the case, I am trying to stay as fit as possible, because as a senior citizen, if I don’t exercise, I will soon lose my ability to do so.

Living in a senior community, I am amazed at the range of physical abilities of older people. I know many people older than myself that are much more fit than I am. That is a motivation for me to try to get better fit. I still want to travel the world, without worrying about physical handicaps that would interfere with that.

What is one food you absolutely refuse to share?
Most chocolate desserts – I allow my husband to take a bite, but that’s all!

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional)

Please feel free to share something positive!    

One thought on “SYW: On Soulmates, Aromas, Being Older, and Sharing

  1. Thanks so much for Sharing Your World, Katy! Oprah knows what she’s talking about! Beautiful image too! ❤ Chocolate is a private indulgence and should not be assumed to be sharable! 😛 It is so true about the losing of one's abilities if they're not used regularly. I am shocked (and discouraged) that it has happened to me. I used to be a lot fitter and since Covid hit and the local Senior stopped providing gentle exercise classes for seniors (chair based for those of us with limitations on endurance) it's gotten worse. I hope you are successful in your goal. Keep walking!! That's one thing I really really miss that I won't get back. My knee is too far gone, and the surgery is unrealistic to fix it, so it is what it is. I did go for a small walk recently (just to the end of my street) with my push walker (has a seat so I could sit down briefly), and it wasn't too bad. You may have provided me some encouragement to continue! Thanks! Have a wonderful week!

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