5 thoughts on “SYW: Health Care in the U.S. and Other Wishful Thinking

  1. I totally agree about the weakness of our healthcare system. And have wondered how anyone can say with a straight face that it’s better to have a for profit company deciding what care options you can have.

  2. Thank you Katy for Sharing Your World. The thoughts about health care were magnificent and so well written! You put the frustrations of many retired or forced to retire (disabled) into words! Medicare is better than nothing I agree, but depending on which ‘supplemental’ insurance company one chooses (I’m under 65, so don’t get the full ride) it still can be a nightmare. My necessary knee surgery is put off indefinitely because of the situation. I’m glad you have Medicare now and hopefully can take care of your health as needed! What a lovely ‘gift’ of a healthy son you have! That must feel tremendous, to have him well! Congratulations! I always find your answers very intelligent, no scatter-brained among them, but we all know ourselves best probably. Still I’ll go with ‘intelligent” to describe you! That photo is gorgeous. What beautiful lights! Have a great week!

    • Thank you so much, Melanie! When you do choose a Medicare supplement, be very careful if you have medical issues. When you first sign up, they don’t ask any medical questions that might disqualify you, but once you’ve chosen, it’s hard to change unless you have a clean bill of health. If you want to change, the insurance companies ask you medical background questions and they have the right to disqualify you (so much for eliminating “pre-existing conditions” when getting insurance!) if you have problems, for example, like me – I have cardiomyopathy and due to this I wouldn’t be accepted into any supplemental plan other than the one I chose in the first place, whether I like it or not! My suggestion to you is look closely at Medicare Advantage – it is pretty comprehensive, but may cost more, I don’t know. My husband has it and likes it but because of his pension benefits, he pays no premium at all!

      I hope you have a chance once you’re on Medicare to take care of that knee! I know the pain, I’m headed for a knee replacement eventually myself! I hope you have a happy Christmas with friends and/or family!

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