SYW: Aliens, Cats, and Gum

I missed Share Your World last week so I am determined to participate this week! Here are Melanie’s questions for this week for us to share our world.

What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?

Intelligent/sentient life on another planet, and being able to communicate with them.

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?

Probably not. I would want to know about where they lived first. Also, it would be a very long journey!

What breed of dog would you be?  If you’re more a cat person – what breed of cat?

I’d be a tortie (cat), because they are known for being aloof sometimes – they want to maintain their space, but at the same time, they are also very affectionate toward their humans. I am including a photo of my cat, who is a tortie, for those who don’t know what this breed is. (Tortie is short for “tortoise shell” although I don’t really understand the connection.) Torties and calicoes are closely related, and are usually female. Being a cat also means sleeping a lot!

Bubble gum?  Yay or nay? 
I chew gum sometimes to keep my coughing and throat clearing at a minimum – I heard about this and decided to try it, and it works! Drinking a lot of water also helps, but gum can be more effective. But it’s not bubble gum and it’s kind of rude to chew in front of other people (except those you share a residence with, of course).

GRATITUDE SECTION  (As always, optional)

Feel free (no pressure) to share some gratitude from January of this year.
I like this gratitude image that I downloaded from Google.

Society6 print – downloaded from Google.

3 thoughts on “SYW: Aliens, Cats, and Gum

  1. Torties are calicoes with no (or very little) white. We’ve had a couple of torties over the years and they can actually be quite sweet kities. Torties and calicoes are nearly all female; the ones that aren’t are usually sterile. That might change, though: orange tabbies used to be nearly all male, but the number of orange females has gone a lot higher.

    • Thank you for this information about our feline friends. I didn’t know that orange tabbies used to be mostly male, although I’ve heard that most of them are, so perhaps eventually it will be 50/50. I don’t know if that will happen to calicoes/torties, especially if, as you say, the males are usually sterile! Which also means no tortie or calico is “purebred.” My cat when she was originally found was pregnant. She had 6 kittens, and I think 5 of them were torties. The 6th one was all black, I think. I wonder what the father looked like? Hazel will never tell! (LLOL)

  2. Thanks, Katie for Sharing Your World. That’s an AWESOME gratitude meme….I like it a lot! 😀 Your tortie choice is noted and she is beautiful besides. Seems to be a very calm kitty too. ❤ I am not well versed in cats, but always wondered if they called that breed 'tortoiseshell' because of the patchwork coloring, which if you squint a bit, might resemble a tortoise's actual shell? IDK. Wonderful answers today and I hope the rest of your week is great! 🙂

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