FOTD: Anemone

This daisy-like flower, according to my PlantSnap app, is called anemone baldensis. It blooms in April and early May. View more flowers at Cee’s FOTD 5/20/19.    

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FOTD: Cushion Spurge

My garden is really flowering now! I have white flowers, red, yellow, and pink tulips, and bright yellow cushion spurge. And here’s my garden from the deck: Go to Cee’s FOTD 5/18/19 for more beautiful blooms!

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FOTD: Tulip

I’ve been having trouble with my Internet connection so I haven’t been able to participate lately in Cee’s FOTD. Here, finally, is my flower of the day, a tulip in my neighbor’s garden. Posted for Cee’s FOTD 5/15/19.

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Song Lyric Sunday for Mothers

Jim Adams has a weekly challenge called Song Lyric Sunday and this week’s theme is Mother/Mom/Flowers. I have posted flower songs before, so I looked up songs for or about mothers. Some were too sappy (like Elvis Presley’s Mama Liked the Roses), the one I actually like the best is depressing (John Lennon’s Mother), and […]

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Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Yellow

I’m just barely making it for Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Yellow! Tulip in my garden Proliferation of dandelions (they’re more prolific this year than I’ve ever seen!) My grand-nephew Joshua’s T-shirt (doesn’t he look spiffy?!) Mexican-style tiles in a bathroom at a Chicago wedding venue (there’s some yellow in almost all of these!) Outer wall […]

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