FOTD: Poppies

On a recent visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, my friend and I went to see the annual display of poppies. The workers there do a great job of creating an entire field of colorful poppies! It is a joy to see this display every spring! Posted for Cee’s FOTD 6/7/19.

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FOTD: Clematis

The clematis has begun to bloom in my neighborhood – although mine hasn’t come out yet. This photo is from a neighbor’s front yard. Post your favorite flower photo on Cee’s FOTD 6/2/19!

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FOTD: Cushion Spurge

My garden is really flowering now! I have white flowers, red, yellow, and pink tulips, and bright yellow cushion spurge. And here’s my garden from the deck: Go to Cee’s FOTD 5/18/19 for more beautiful blooms!

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FOTD: Moss Phlox

For more beautiful spring flowers, please visit Cee’s FOTD 4/29/19. I spied this beautiful blanket of purple in a neighbor’s yard. Moss phlox grows only to about 6 inches high and makes a great ground cover.

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CFFC: Walkways I Have Traveled

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is about the sidewalks, trails and walkways we walk on, usually without thinking much about them. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its wide sidewalks with mosaic designs – common places to walk, jog, and meet – and play with dogs. (Nove. 2016) In July of 2017, we spent […]

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