Lens-Artists #90: Distance

Lens-Artists #90 photo challenge invites us to explore the theme of distance, especially the ways in which we are practicing physical distance from our friends and neighbors: we are all in this together despite needing to avoid each other physically. Please share with us the creative ways you’ve found to address your need to connect […]

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SYW: On Parental Discipline, Time Wasting, Braces, Pizza Boxes, and the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s time for a new set of questions from Melanie’s Share Your World. Questions: On A Scale Of 1-10, How Strict Were Your Parents? This is relative. My parents were not strict in the sense that they never used corporal punishment (except one of the few times that my dad got angry, he chased me […]

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KOC: The Bizarrely Ordinary

From Kammie’s page: Oddball: (noun) a person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming; (adjective) whimsically free-spirited; eccentric; atypical Kammie’s Oddball Challenge is for those photos that are sort of strange, or don’t fit in with anything else. There is no specific topic, so … I have no idea what this is, but […]

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Friday Fun Challenge: Furry

Aroused by Arete has a Friday Fun challenge, and this week’s topic is furry. (I found this challenge from Cee Neuner – thanks, Cee!). Here are some of my furry friends – my cat, Hazel (age 8 1/2) and my grandcats, Freddie (age 6 months) and Stevie (age 2 1/2). A video of Freddie playing […]

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Fibbing Friday: Alternate Facts?

This is my first shot at Fibbing Friday,  a challenge by PCGUYIV that encourages one to say, “I must tell a lie.” Here’s the premise: It’s time once again for Fibbing Friday, where the only wrong answer is the right answer!  In case you aren’t quite sure what’s going on here, allow me to explain: […]

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