It’s Almost Here!

Granny Shot It’s 11-Day Halloween decorations photo challenge is coming to a close! My contribution today is from our community’s Great Pumpkin Contest! There were 14 entries and below each was a little bag where residents could place their votes for the one they thought was best. It was a very hard decision and several deserve to win! Anyway, everyone who participated worked hard on their creation, got inspired, and had fun – which is the whole point of Halloween, isn’t it?!

Halloween 11 Day Challenge: Day 2

We have recently moved, but have not sold our house. Instead we are renting it to our daughter and son-in-law, who LOVE Halloween. I like Halloween but in recent years, we have gotten fewer and fewer trick-or-treaters, plus I have had decorations stolen from the front of my house in the past, so we don’t decorate anymore. Well, the kids are really getting in the spirit of the holiday! Here’s the front of their (our) house:

They have a light in front that projects images of purple bats flying. Our daughter loves Hello Kitty and has even found a blow-up skeleton Hello Kitty for the holiday!

Inside the house, in the dining room:
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