FOTD: Miniature Flowers

The other day a group of women and I attended an annual show of miniatures at a nearby hotel. There were miniatures of all kinds – houses, shops, restaurants, etc. One room had a display of miniatures to view, and another larger room had things for sale. I saw these amazing miniature flowers – all […]

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FOTD: A Different Dahlia

It doesn’t look like a dahlia at first glance – but it is! Dahlias come in a surprising number of varieties.  Just look closely at the features of this dahlia – the pattern in the middle, the both long and short petals. What a marvel! Posted for Cee’s FOTD 11/4/19.

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FOTD: Tryphillia

I’m taking a break from all the beautiful dahlias at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA. I photographed this flower at the same park. Its name is tryphillia. Posting for Cee’s FOTD 11/3/19.

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