FOTD: Marksburg Castle Garden

Marksburg Castle, above Braubach on the Rhine River in Germany, has a beautiful garden with a variety of flowers and plants. I present these here, for Cee’s FOTD 9/6/19, as a companion to my previous post Thursday Doors: Marksburg Castle. This one is called Lychnis coronaria or “Vexiernelke” in German. Hibiscus Roses Others I don’t […]

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FOTD: Hydrangea

The hydrangeas are approaching the end of their season. I have both those in bloom… …and those that have turned green, which is still pretty because they don’t just wilt! Have a look and participate in Cee’s FOTD 8/31/19.

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FOTD: Petunia

Another flower from our community’s gardens – petunias! Several of the gardeners have planted these colorful annuals. Posted for Cee’s FOTD 8/29/19.

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FOTD: Elegant Zinnia

(8/29/19) I have confirmed with my PlantSnap app that this is an “elegant zinnia!” I don’t know what this flower is, but I was fascinated with its petals and stamen. It’s another of the many flowers in our new community’s garden. If anyone can identify it, I sure would appreciate it!  I support Cee’s FOTD […]

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FOTD: Marigolds

At the senior community where we have moved to, there is a large enclosed garden, where residents can sign up for a plot and plant whatever they want. A lot of people plant tomatoes. Many also plant flowers – mostly annuals, some perennials. Here are some bright orange marigolds. Closer: If you love flowers and […]

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