Home away from home

Luggage packed.  Shoes worn.  House locked. She left for another journey. Another adventure. A new experience. She set out in yet another attempt to find something she hadn’t lost. In search … Source: Home away from home

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Names in Brazil

Originally posted on finallygettingdowntobrasstacks:
When I moved to Brazil from the USA, one of the first things I noticed was that Brazilians had some pretty strange and difficult names, at least for a foreigner like me. Of course I’ve long since gotten used to them, but at first I had a hard time wrapping my…

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Originally posted on Everywhere Once:
For a guy who doesn’t get terribly excited about hamburgers or, for that matter, fast food, how is it that I deliberately went out of my way to find one of the worst fast food hamburgers I have ever eaten? I blame crowdsourcing. More specifically, I blame Yelp. In many…

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Originally posted on ellisnelson:
My son’s home from university and one of our conversations turned to the economy and how hard it is to find even part-time, entry level work. He’s sent out something like 80 applications, done some interviews, and over the course of months, has just recently landed something part-time. The talk eventually…

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