WPC: Ornate

The word for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ornate. The first thing that immediately comes to my mind when I think of the word “ornate” is Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Like many royal palaces, this is a showcase of luxury, with room after room of walls decorated with gold. This style […]

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Walking: journey with the senses

I love to walk – it is my favorite form of exercise and of exploring. I consider every walk a journey, a mini-trip. There is always something to discover. Walking is good for my health, both physical and mental. Physically, because it is an aerobic exercise, so it exercises the heart and muscles of the […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand – what does it mean? In Spanish, the cognate is “grande”, which means big. However, “Grand” means more than just big: to me, it means majestic, awesome, breath-taking. In my travels, I have seen many places, both man-made and natural, that I would consider “Grand.”  Here are just a few of them: By far […]

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Last week in Spain

July 29, 2010 We are on our second to the last day in Spain. Saturday morning we leave Madrid and arrive back in Chicago in the afternoon. People are doing their last minute things: last minute shopping, last minute sunbathing (yes, some of the girls actually went to the park today in this oppressive 100 […]

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Barcelona – Day 3

  July 25, 2010 (Sunday) Check out time was noon.We had a few hours to kill, so we had breakfast and then wandered on the Ramblas. I bought an ashtray for my niece made out of an aluminum soda can, and Dale had his picture taken with his “hero” Don Quixote. Here is the aluminum […]

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