CB&WPC: Engines

A few years ago, we took a 3-day trip to Indianapolis and a nearby town, Columbus, Indiana, which had a variety of architectural styles. Columbus has a walking tour you can take on your own to see these architectural marvels. We started out doing the tour but my husband got bored so we just wandered […]

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CB&WPC: Stairways

The topic for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is Steps: Indoors or Outdoors. Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines Lake Street Church, Evanston, Illinois Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois War Memorial, Indianapolis, Indiana River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

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WPC: Twisted

When I saw that the theme of WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week was twisted, I immediately thought of two things: trees and cactus. Winter is a good time to photograph twisted branches. Springtime in the parkSometimes even trees need a hug! There’s a bird hiding in this tangle of branches!At Saguaro National Park near […]

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CFFC: Cummins Engines

Housed in a modern glass building, Cummins is a major engine manufacturer in Indianapolis (although I don’t know whether they make engines at that facility). Walking through the lobby, we saw these: It was fascinating to see this display of engine parts, suspended from the ceiling:   CFFC: Gears and Engines

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CFFC: President Harrison’s House

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is “Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware.” When visiting Indianapolis a year ago, my husband and I toured the home of PresidentBenjamin  Harrison, the only president from Indiana that established residence there. Guided tours take visitors through the house.   Benjamin Harrison (grandson of president William Henry Harrison who died after […]

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WPC: Narrow in Indy

Earlier this summer, my husband and I took a 3-day trip to Indianapolis, a city I’ve driven by a few times but had never explored. I was pleasantly surprised to find many interesting things to do in Indianapolis. The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is narrow. These are pictures of some narrow things we saw […]

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