WPC: Windows

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is all about windows: looking out, looking in, or  windows themselves. OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: Photographing windows from the outside can be tricky. A reflection on the glass may obscure the true subject that is inside. However, a reflection can also add a nice effect. Reflection of the outside, a […]

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CFFC: Inner and Outer

A rare treat in the Midwest during winter – guavas! I found them on sale at a supermarket last week. I love the taste of the soft flesh combined with the crunchy seeds. Inside the Minnesota History Museum, looking out – or at least the appearance of it! Half-buried fire hydrant in a field of […]

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WPC: Morning in Four Seasons

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens WINTER MORNINGS: CHILLY VIEWS FROM THE WEST (FRONT) SIDE OF MY HOUSE IN ILLINOIS 7:44 a.m., February after a snowstorm:  The morning light filters through the trees and settles on the fresh snow. Although someone from my house has been outside (because of the footprints), it’s too early to […]

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