Saturday Statues: St. Louis

This is my contribution for the feature Saturday Statues by Suvi. On a visit to St. Louis, Missouri, history buffs will appreciate the Old Courthouse. In this courthouse the infamous Dred Scott trial took place. There is a museum and displays that tell the history of the Dred Scott case. In front of the courthouse […]

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Doors

I’ve been waiting for this topic to come up in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! I love to photograph doorways and have a whole photo file dedicated to doors, (although I don’t have any pictures of drawers). There is such variety, beauty, and personality in doorways. Each tells its own story. Here are some of my […]

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Word of the Week: reredos

This week’s word is reredos. (And no, it doesn’t mean to do the redo over again!) Earlier this week, my husband and I took a short trip to St. Louis, which is only about 4 hours drive from Chicago (without stops). We visited some lovely churches there, and I will post pictures of them later. […]

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