Friday RPD: Absent

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Absent the ones we love Memories of times gone by An empty house An empty building long ago abandoned Those absent Are what we covet Appreciation grows For those we no longer have, can no longer touch Love grows For our dearly departed A home we had to […]

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WPC: Aqueous

WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge is liquid. Raindrop: Microcosm Fluidity: Still water peace Wave: Ocean in motion Liquor Aqua: Water is life Reflection: Moisture in air’s reflection on lakeBuoyancy: floating on water Frozen liquid: dripping Rainbow: Moisture refracted, light dispersedWater cycle: Condensation Fog is but a cloud that touches the earth. Water = Life  

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CFFC: Safari Haiku

Note: I wrote most of these haiku myself and took all the photographs. The haiku “Photography” was written by Dale Berman (my husband); “On Safari” (with slight modification) and “Origins” were written by other members of our Tanzanian Safari group.  Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wildlife. Wildebeest Is it possible that the gnu knew? […]

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October Trees

October trees paint the landscape with bright colors, their branches a display of yellow, red, orange, tinged with gold by the sun low in the afternoon sky. October wind blows, the leaves rustle and tremble. Wrested free from their branches, they scatter, chasing, teasing each other as they flutter through the air. Patterns of red, […]

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Haiku for a diffident daffodil

I planted daffodil bulbs three autumns ago, because I love these beautiful yellow flowers that make their appearance in early spring, bringing hope of warmer weather and growing things. Since then, the daffodil plants have pushed up out of the ground and I get excited when I see their leaves. Last year I only had […]

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WPC: Half-Light

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Half-light”. I have seen “half-light” occur at dawn, at dusk, when there is a full moon, or when there is a storm. At daybreak, the light emerges slowly as we see through a sort of haze. At dusk we can still make out objects and the sunset may produce brilliant […]

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Writing 201: Elegy for Mother

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 5 Form: Elegy Theme: Fog I didn’t use the device of metaphor in this poem. Instead, I used repetition, and a pattern in the number of lines per stanza. Elegy for Mother She could no longer travel; Now fog descended over her eyes – Fog that didn’t allow her to read, […]

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