January Square 22: Light in Flight

Becky’s January Square has the topic _____light. A Canadian Coast Guard rescue helicopter in flight during daylight approached our Alaska Cruise ship, where a man had to be airlifted after a heart attack on board. Over the ocean on our way home from Israel: looking out from the plane in flight at the sunlight on […]

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Alaska 2016: Fog

August 23, 2016 Our cruise ship is traveling through dense fog and periodically sounding its horn.  The view was beautiful at first, as the fog rose from the surface of the water, creating a spooky effect as the tops of islands emerged out of the fog. The sky was streaked with pink and orange as […]

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Doors of Skagway & Haines

Skagway and Haines are two towns located in the Inside Passage of Alaska. Although they are only fourteen miles from each other, the only way to go between them quickly is by ferry. This takes 45 minutes.  To drive, it would take four hours and the motorist would have to pass through part of Canada, […]

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Misty Fjords National Monument

August 23, 2016 I wasn’t sure what to wear on the excursion “Misty Fjords Wilderness Tour.”  I ended up wearing a T-shirt with my hoodie over it.  I packed the warmer of my two jackets, and my hat in case of rain.  I also packed my little purse that help my key card, driver’s license, […]

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